** Please be advised - this notice is intended to deal specifically with companies using "voice broadcasting", which is the use of a pre-recorded computerized voice calling consumers. This is illegal and Liberty Automotive Protection does NOT support this type of activity. We have many legitimate marketing companies that market our contracts.

Recently we have had many complaints from consumers calling us to ask us to take them off our “list”, because they are called so frequently and many times cannot get the calls to stop. Usually this is being done through "voice broadcasting" and apparently people are being told that this is “Liberty Automotive Protection” calling. This is absolutely NOT the case.

We take pride in adhering to very high ethical guidelines and we require anyone we do business with to do the same, and if you are contacted in a legal way, through the mail or something like that, that is probably a legitimate, approved company. We are very disturbed and concerned about our name being falsely used in this way, and if we are able to find the party or parties involved, we WILL take action against those companies or individuals. In order to do that, we need your help to find out which companies or individuals are doing this. If you can get a phone number, an address or anything at all, please forward that on to us. If they tell you they are with Liberty Automotive Protection, see if you can get a different company name, or ask for a supervisor. Any information you get may help. You may call us or email us at

We take this as seriously as you do, and we want to take action to make it stop. We just have to find those responsible, and as of yet we have not been able to do so. Thank you.

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